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   There are many Written Treasures that have been buried in the dust of time, waiting for a resurrection into the hands of a reader. Our aim is to bring to you Christian articles and stories that we know that you will enjoy reading.
   The purpose of this site is to reprint older Christian articles covering such topics as the Christian home, health, various spiritual articles, powerful book and article selections, and great character building children’s stories. We believe you will find these materials very thought provoking.
   In reading through "heritage" books and articles we have found some real treasures.  As you read these older materials, you probably will see why we, at Written Treasures, believe it is important to sweep away the "dust" and reprint them for all to read. Through this web site we pray that many will be blessed.

Children's StoriesWe have provided this section of Christian children’s stories especially for children and young adults. Each story has a special character building thought that you will find a real blessing . These stories were gathered from various church papers written in the 1800’s - Methodists, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc. We know that you will enjoy these special stories.

Truth Triumphant for Young Truth TriumphantPeople
Tracing little-known history of God's true Church since the time of the Apostles. Visit this link.

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Online Resources: There are many very good online BibleOnline Resources study resources. We provide links to some of these. Click here to find out more.


  • “Faith and hope give wings to the soul. We often call for the wings of a dove to fly away, because we want to be out of our place, to be somewhere else, in order to be more happy. But this arises from impatience. True faith and hope will make us happy anywhere, and enable us like Paul and Silas, to sing in a prison.” - Cecil
  • IT is easy to exclude the noon-tide light by closing the eyes; and it is easy to resist the clearest truth, by hardening the heart against it. - Keith.
  • SOLID devotions resemble the rivers which run under the earth, they steal from the eyes of the world to seek the eyes of God; and it often happens, that those of whom we speak least on earth, are best known in Heaven. - Caussin.

Homeschooling from the Bible
If you homeschool or have preschool aged children, you may be interested in checking out SonLight Education Ministry’s education program. Education begins at birth.

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