AN interesting letter has come to us recently from Brother C. E. Moser, of Elmhurst, Gal. He says he has found something of great value to him, and wishes to share it with others. Brother Moser then

goes on to tell how he suffered for about forty years with obstinate constipation. He says: "I was so bad off while in the army in 1862 that I had to take cathartic medicine every few days. At one time I got out of medicine, and went seven days without a movement of the bowels, and was in great distress." After his discharge from the army the difficulty grew worse rather than better, and medicine had to be resorted to continually, but it did not produce any permanent results. So it continued for nearly thirty years, and then he made a discovery which he relates in the following words:

''One day, while reading the first chapter of Genesis, I particularly noticed the bill of fare that God gave to Adam and Eve. It was fruits and seeds. Comparing my bill of fare with this, I saw a great difference; for I had flesh-meats of different kinds, lard, the oil of fish, tea and coffee for drink, and the finest white flour for bread; in fact, I ate everything that tasted good. But I never used stronger drinks than tea and coffee. It became very clear to me that I was not living as God wanted his people to live, so I resolved to change my diet, and adopt the original bill of fare. I immediately gave up tea and coffee, flesh-meats, and grease, except a little butter, and now my diet is, and has been for the past two years, water for drink (hot or cold), bread made of equal parts of whole-wheat and rye flour, and fruits of all kinds. I also use some garden vegetables.

''The result has been a complete cure of my constipation, so that I have not taken a pill or anything of the kind for nearly a year, and my bowels have been in perfect working order. Some may think it a hard task to drop so many good (?) things, and adopt a plain diet, but such is not the case. When we do a thing from principle, because the Lord has said we should, then it becomes a pleasure, and the result will always be a blessing and a healing."