Luther's Description of a Christian

A Christian is a child of God, a brother of Christ, a temple of the Holy Ghost, an heir of the kingdom, a companion of angels, a lord of the world, a partaker of the Divine Nature.  The Christian's glory is Christ in heaven, and Christ's glory is the Christian on earth. He is a worthy child of God endued with Christ's righteousness, walking in holy fear and cheerful obedience before his Father, shining as a light in the world - a rose among thorns.  He is a wonderfully beautiful creature of the grace of God, over which the holy angels rejoice, and is attended and ministered unto by them wherever he goes.  He is a wonder to the world, a terror to the devils, an ornament to the church, a delight of heaven. His heart is full of pain, his eyes full of tears for a perishing world, his mouth full of sighs, and his hands full of good works.