Dietetic Suggestions

EAT your bread with gladness.

Do not eat a morsel between meals.

Make simple foods your first choice.

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

Talk courage, and you will soon feel courageous.

Food must be well relished in order to be well digested.

A low-protein diet is the least likely to cause autointoxication.

Use cane-sugar in moderation. Sweet fruits and honey are natural sweets.

Give preference to the dry, toasted foods. The less fluid taken at meal-time, the better.

When possible, endeavor to eat some raw foods daily in the form of fruits, nuts, or salads.

Worry kills. Hope inspires. God, who made us, is willing to take care of us. Cheer up.

One well-prepared dish, eaten with bread and some fruit or vegetable, is ordinarily sufficient.

Drink a glass of water on rising and retiring, an hour before each meal, and one to three hours after eating.

Deep breathing improves the digestion. Practice it frequently during the day. More die of air starvation than of food starvation.

It is better to eat only two meals a day. If supper is taken, let it consist chiefly of fruit or rice or some of the cereal flakes.

Use salt sparingly. Condiments should be wholly discarded, because they irritate the stomach, tending to produce gastric and intestinal catarrh.

Fletcherize. Chew your food as long as it will remain in your mouth. “If you taste your food before you swallow it, you will not have to taste it afterward.”— Life Boat.