The Kind of Holiness Needed

AN improved type of holiness is in demand to take the place of the effeminate, emotional, tender-footed, cowardly, parlor-holiness, so much in fashion in some parts of the country. We want a holiness which has in it some of the stern, earnest, self-denying, sin-hating, devil-fighting courageous spirit of the prophets, apostles and martyrs; a holiness that turns its back upon the blandishment of pride, that loves Christ's poor, pleads for the oppressed, and thunders the curses of the holy law in the ears of proud oppressors; a holiness that has fire in it to consume sin, mercy in it to weep over sinners, and love in it to bear them to God; a holiness that is full of the martial spirit, and is ready to march up to the strongholds of iniquity in the face of the enemy's fire.