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"My mother gets me up, builds the fire, gets my breakfast, and sends me off," said a bright youth.
"What then?" asked the reporter.
"Then she gets my father up, and gets his breakfast and sends him off; then gets the other children their breakfast and sends them to school; and then she and the baby have their breakfast."
"How old is the baby?"
"Oh, she is 'most two, but she can walk and talk as well as any of us."
"Are you well paid?"
"I get $2 a week, father gets $2 a day."
"How much does your mother get?"
With a bewildered look the boy said, "Mother! Why, she don't work for anybody."
"I thought you said she worked for all of you."
"Oh, yes, for all of us she does; but there a'n't no money in it."
--American Farmer

“YOUR word is your servant, so long as you retain it; but it becomes your master when you suffer it to escape.”

“No subject is of more importance in the morality of private life, than that of domestic or family life.”

“IF you have performed an act of great disinterested virtue, conceal it; for if you publish it you will neither be believed here nor rewarded hereafter.”

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