It's Jewish


        When we present God's holy law,
        And arguments from scripture draw;
        Objectors say, to pick a flaw,
        "It's Jewish."

        Though at the first Jehovah blessed
        And sanctified HIS day of rest;
        The same belief is still expressed -
        "It's Jewish."

        Though with the world this rest began,
        And thence through all the scriptures ran,
        And Jesus said 'twas made for man -
        "It's Jewish."

        Though not with Jewish rites, which passed,
        But with the moral law 'twas classed
        Which must endure while time shall last -
        "It's Jewish."

        Though the disciples, Luke and Paul,
        Continue still this rest to call
        The "Sabbath day," this answers all -
        "It's Jewish."

        The gospel teachers' plain expression,
        That "Sin is of the law transgression,"
        Seems not to make the least impression -
        "It's Jewish."

        They love the rest of man's invention,
        But if Jehovah's day we mention,
        This puts an end to all contention -
        "It's Jewish."

        O ye who thus Gods day abuse,
        Simply because twas kept by Jews,
        The Saviour, too, you must refuse -
        He's Jewish.

        Thus the apostles, too, must fall;
        For Andrew, Peter, James, and Paul,
        And Thomas, Matthew, John, and all
        Were Jewish.

        But when old Earth shall pass away,
        And be renewed the Sabbath day
        Honored by all - one then will say,
        "Its Jewish."

        And while Eternitys glad days
        Roll on and on with ceaseless rays,
        The theme will be Jehovah's praise,
        And that in universal lays -
        Not Jewish.

        Printed in part on the front page of the October 21, 1851 Review & Herald. Final four verses, courtesy of Raymond F. Cottrell.