Marriage Maxims

THE following “marriage maxims” are worthy of more than a hasty reading. Gentlemen need not pass them by, for they are designed for wives; and women should not despise them, for they are addressed to husbands. The nearest approach to domestic felicity on earth is in the mutual cultivation of an absolute unselfishness. Never talk at each other, either alone or in company. Never reflect on a past action, which was done with a good motive and the best judgment at the time. Let each strive to yield oftenest to the wishes of the other. Let self-abnegation be the daily aim and effort of each. Never find fault, unless it is perfectly certain that a fault has been committed; then always speak lovingly. Never taunt with a past mistake. Neglect the whole world besides, rather than each other. Never allow a request to be repeated. Never make a remark at the expense of the other: it is a meanness. Never part for a day without loving words to think of during absence. Never meet without a loving welcome. Never let the sun go down upon any anger or grievance. Never consider any fault you have committed settled until you have frankly confessed it, and asked forgiveness. Never forget the happy hours of early love. Never sigh over what might have been, but try to make the best of what is. Never forget that marriage is ordained of God, and that his blessing alone can make it what it should ever be. Never be contented till you know you are both walking in the narrow way. Never let your hopes rest this side of the eternal home of glory. --Selected.