An Overcoming Faith

"THIS is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith."

A faith that overcomes the world, must needs be stronger than the world that is to be overcome by it.  It can neither be of the world, nor from the world, nor reaching after the world, nor attained by the wisdom of the world, or the goodness of the world, or the power of the world.  Still less can it be a faith in the world, its power, its wisdom, or its goodness.

That which is to overcome the world must be above the world, wiser than the world, greater, more excellent, more abiding than the world.  It must be a faith in One, and coming from One who is supreme controller of the world, in whose sight its wisdom is foolishness, its reason unreason, its strength weakness, its goodness corruption.

Whoever would overcome the world must live above the world, see what the world does not see, understand what the world does not understand, pursue what the world does not pursue, contemn what the world aspires after, as its chief good; and seek, as his chief good, what the world contemns.  To do this is to reject the maxims of the world, the methods of the world, the policy of the world.

To fail of doing this, is, of necessity, to fall into the current of the world, and to be swept along with the world, to whatever destinies it may be tending.  It is to be overcome by the world, and involved in its guilt and condemnation.

To overcome the world, is to overcome the temptations of the world, to escape the snares of the world, to reject the principles, the aims, the usages, the maxims, the delusions and sophistries of the world. How shall this be done but in the light of a higher reason than the world's reason?  How, without substituting, in its place, the divine reason, as manifested in the pure and sure word of God, that liveth and abideth forever?

If the world's wisdom, so far from being sufficient for our guidance, constitutes our chief danger, our most formidable temptation, if the more proficient we are in the love of this world's wisdom, the more liable we are to be entangled in it and overcome by it, to our destruction; alas! for us, if there be no volume of Divine Wisdom, in which we can confide, for guidance, in this insane world! -Principia.