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This page contains short but powerful article and book selections that are very thought provoking. They are a great length to share with your friends.


“When I was young, an old gentleman asked me, ‘When is a person rich enough?’  I replied, ‘When he has a thousand pounds.’  ‘No.’  ‘When he has ten thousand?’ I asked.  ‘No.’  ‘A hundred thousand?’  ‘No.’  ‘When then?’  ‘When he has a little more than he has got, and that is never.’”  So it too often is.  If we once allow the beginnings of a covetous spirit, our desires will always keep in advance of our possessions.  He only is truly rich who is truly contented.

THE road ambition travels is too narrow for friendship, and too crooked for love.

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. - Are you a christian?  If not, do you ever expect to be?  If so, when?  If God should call you to your final account, what reason could you give for being impenitent?  Might you not be a christian now?  Delay not, then, now to seek salvation, lest you should put it off too long, or at last seek too late.  Receive these questions kindly from one who may never meet you till the day of judgment. Think of them; think seriously; think prayerfully; think now. - Sel.

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