"The Good Shepherd's Appeal

I WILL seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away."  Eze.xxxiv,16

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."  Matt.xi,28.

Why, O man, hast thou left me?

Why hast thou turned from Him that loved thee?

Why hast thou again joined thyself to thy enemy?

Remember that for thy sake I became flesh.

Remember that for thy sake I became poor.

Remember that for thy sake I was persecuted.

Remember that for thy sake I bore evil-speaking, reproaches, angry words, dishonor, wounds, spitting, blows, mockings, and bitter sufferings.

Remember that for thy sake I suffered a cruel death.

I was made low to exalt thee.

I was made poor to enrich thee.

I was dishonored to bring glory upon thee.

I was wounded to heal thee.  I died that thou mightest have life.

Thou didst sin, and I took thy sin upon Myself.

Thou wast condemned to death, and I died for thee.

Dost thou despise my love. Instead of love, thou givest me hatred.  Thou lovest sin, and not Me.

Thou laborest for thy passions, and not for Me.

Now what dost thou find in Me deserving of thy dislike?

Dost desire good for thyself?  Every good is with Me.

Dost thou desire happiness?  Every blessing is with Me.

Dost thou desire dignity?  Who is more noble than the Son of God?

Dost thou seek exaltation? Who is higher than the King of heaven?

Dost thou desire wealth? I have all riches.

Dost thou desire wisdom? I am wisdom.

Dost thou desire friendship? Who is more worthy of love, and more loving than I? for I laid down My life for all.

Dost thou seek help? Who can help except Me?

Dost thou seek consolation in grief? Who can console except Me?

Dost thou seek rest? Come unto Me and I will give thee rest.

Dost thou seek peace?  I am the peace of the soul.

Dost thou seek light?  I am the light of the world.

Dost thou seek truth?  I am the truth.

Dost thou seek the way?  I am the way.

Dost thou seek a guide to heaven?  I am the guide.

Why dost thou not wish to come unto Me?

Dost thou not dare to come?  To whom is there an easier access?

Art thou fearful of asking?  Whom coming unto Me with faith have I refused?  Do thy sins hinder thee?  I died for sinners. Does the multitude of thy sins distress thee?  In Me is abundant mercy.

-Bishop Tehon.