Too Much for Him

WHILE a parson was standing at his door smoking his pipe, in a country village, he was accosted by a poor laboring man.  The parson told him he made it a rule not to encourage idleness; but if the man would get into his garden and root out the weeds, he would pay him for it. "That's all I wish," said the poor fellow.  "Well, then, come along with me, and I'll show you what's to be done."  When they were in, the Rev. gentleman agreed to give the man a shilling for his trouble: however, after the job was done, he thought that sixpence had been enough for the time the laborer had been employed.  The poor man being half-starved and wishing to get himself some bread, finding the other would give him no more, agreed to take the sixpence on condition the Rev. gentleman would teach him the Lord's prayer, which he agreed to do, beginning, "Our Father" - "What," said the laborer, "both our fathers?" "Yes, yes; come, say after me" - "Our Father" - when he again asked - "What, your Father and mine too?"  "To be sure," replied the parson. "Well, then," said the laborer, "you must be a rogue to cheat your brother out of a sixpence."