Refuge for the Sorely Tried

DEEP as your present humiliation may be, you cannot sink so low but you will find that Christ sunk yet lower, and is therefore able to bear you up. Never can Christians sink beneath the everlasting arms; they will always be under you! You may be sorely tried, deeply bereaved, fearfully tempted, painfully wounded. Saints and sinners, the Church and the world, may each contribute some bitter ingredient to your cup.  Nevertheless, the heart of Jesus is a pavilion within whose sacred enclosure you may repose until these calamities be overpast.

Your greatest extremity can never exceed his power or sympathy, because he has gone before his people, and has endured what they never can endure.  Be not tempted then to believe that your case, extreme as it may be, can exceed the limit of his compassion, power, and sympathy. Behold, what glory then springs from the humiliation and sufferings of our adorable Redeemer! . . . . "Come unto me," he says, "all ye that labor and are heavy laden; and I will give you rest."  Yes, if rest is to be found at all, it must be given. It is upon the footing of a gift that it is offered to you.  Not that you are worthy to receive the present, but that it is a present worthy of Christ's generosity to bestow. Take it; there is not a single sentence in the Bible to exclude you from this act of confidence. Be not afraid; only believe; and according to your faith will it be done unto you.  You know not how ready, you know not how able, you know not how free, you know not how perfectly willing, nay, how eager and how delighted the Saviour is to receive all who "come" unto him, to listen to their complaints, to heal their disease, to supply their every want, and administer to every necessity.  This is the true and faithful representation of Christ.