Working with God

"Work, for it is God that worketh in you."

This beautiful union of holy fear, and yet holy courage, of entire dependence upon God, and yet unabated and jealous "diligence, to make our calling and election sure," is attainable only, nay, I might say, intelligible only, to a spiritual mind. Not that there is any inexplicable mystery in their connection: men are continually acting in the affairs of life in the same way. They clear their ground, sow their crops, and go through all the toils of husbandry with unremitting diligence, and show that they can do more; they watch for the increase, they think of it, they talk of it with the deepest interest, while yet it is undeniable that they cannot make a single blade of wheat to spring up, or spear produce. The sun must shine upon it, the rain must water it, the earth must nourish it - they command none of these. God must work with them from first to last; and it is all of his good pleasure when he will and how he will; and for aught they know, frost or flood, blight or drought may spoil all their labors in a moment.  But do they therefore desist from their toil and say, It is all God, what can I do? far from it. God has connected their labor and his blessing, and men know this; and therefore, though utterly unable to ensure the least profitable result from their toil, they rise up early, and late take rest, and work as if success depended absolutely and only upon their unassisted efforts.  Alas! that men should be so wise for time, so foolish for eternity.     [F. Goode.